24 hours standard system

We at Borne Logistics along with our partners ILN and DiALOG provide shipments with a
standard delivery time from 24 hrs within Germany dependably.
Europe wide we provide shipments from 24 to 72 hours in over 30 European countries.

Seamless Transparency

Thanks to our seamless scanning technology , you can always follow the actual status of your shipments (Track and Trace) on our on-line portal at any time. You also have access to your delivery receipts at any time on-line (Live-POD).

Services for the sections food and non-food

Delivery on the next work day

Delivery on the next work day 8am/ 10am/ 12pm

Delivery at an appointed time frame

Delivery on appointed dates

Delivery arrangements with the recipient through us

Notification to the recipient 1 hour before delivery

Transportation of hazardous goods

Temperature controlled delivery of your goods (18°C-22°C)-(64.4°F-71.6°F)

Collection of COD from delivered goods up to 2.500,00 €

Delivery free to location (1 or 2 man) including assist support

Exchange from goods on delivery

Original service and delivery receipts with your documents

Preparation from export declarations

Europe wide take over of your purchase orders from your suppliers and time-definite deliveries to your warehouses